Mietków Lake – Jezioro Mietkowskie

Miektów Lake is a man made water reservoir some 40km south-west of Wrocław just next to Sobótka and the holy mountain of Ślęża.

I’m not sure why yesterday was the very first time I’ve ever been there but we’re already planning to go back soon! The lake itself is about 6 square miles which is just enough to get us worn out on a kayak. There were two, well three, parts that stood out during yesterday’s trip.

One, the water level is low enough to expose about a dozen little islands on the west side of the lake. These empty atolls are great to kayak around and even come ashore for a quick break. There’s a bunch of wildlife hidden away on such islands as well.

Two, it was the second time Karolina and I decided to kayak up the river flowing into the lake itself. In this case, the river in question is called Bystrzyca and coincidentally it is the same exact river that flows just about a mile away from our house in Wrocław. It didn’t take long to get to where the current stopped us dead in our tracks and while we paddled our asses off we weren’t making any progress at all which forced us to head back to the lake again.

Three, we were joined by our good friend Cichy for a lake side BBQ. We sat on the beach soaking in the sun, enjoying grilled sausage and light beer. Yeah, Sunday was a relaxing day for all of us. It was also a maiden kayak voyage for my Mazda 6 wagon which received a couple of scratches when loading/unloading the boat. Mazda’s cool spoilers are not kayak friendly, this should be communicated back to Japan!

Ohh, and I almost forgot about the stork! Poland loves storks. They’re everywhere here and it is said that 25% of all storks are from Poland. Usually they’re perched up in a tall nest somewhere, but this guy walked all around us looking for food and didn’t seem to mind people at all.

Looking forward to coming back again this season.

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  1. beautywhizz says:

    Super foty! No i wspanialy polski bocian!!

  2. Reinhard says:

    Nice story. Because we are living in wroclaw also maybe we could meet us there to share some experiences. reinhardm@onlinehome.de

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