Work Trippin’

Work trips are a mixed bag at times. On one hand you get to see new things and visit new cities, on the other, those new things may often be limited to the place you’re staying in and the work you’re there to perform. Such is the case with my stay in Haarlem. Karolina and I visited the city in May during our Amsterdam trip, but this time it’s strictly work and together with a coworker we’ve been seeing nothing but scooter parts all day long until it’s already too late to see anything about the town. Well, there was a short Porsche ride…

Naturally I still take plenty of photos. I probably can’t blog about the current project, so the two work shop photos are limited to a blurred photo of Adrian and a cropped photo of yours truly, both distorted with purpose. The rest are a few pics taken around our place here.

Our apartment is pretty sweet, one I wouldn’t mind moving into on more permanent basis even thought it’s all IKEA heaven in here. The fridge here is all covered up and incorporated into the kitchenette, but the one downstairs isn’t. Fridge magnet rage anyone?

There’s a small garden just outside and it’s infested with spiders. They’re everywhere and it’s not helping my arachnophobia much at all.

Behind the garden is where we’ve spent the past couple of days, a very well tooled shop that would have been any designers/prototypers dream.

Last but not least, on our late trip to a grocery store just nearby I had my first Opel Ampera sighting. Ampera is basically a rebadged Chevy Volt but I have to mention that the Ampera looks much, much better than its American cousin. Naturally it was parked next to a charging station cause, you know, you can do that in a country such as Holland.

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  1. I will un-distort your workplace photo and sell the trade secrets for millions.

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