Luxemburgerli, Swiss Made Deliciousity

Posted by Karo

A Swiss friend has let me in on the secrect of Luxemburgerli. She bought a mix of small colorful and cute candies, asked to take one and waited for my reaction. And I was …astonished! This 1 inch macaron literally melted on my tongue. It tasted incredibly good – chocolate, mandarin, berries, vanilla…

My favorite one is definitely mandarin. If you visit Switzerland someday you must try this confectionery at Sprüngli. Best you go to the Sprüngli cafe on Paradeplatz in Zurich, take a coffee and enjoy the view with Luxemburgerli.

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  1. It seems that everyone I know is crazy about macaroons, but I was slow catching up. But when my favorite coffee shops started carrying them, well I had no choice. 😉 Love then now!

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