A couple of very important event’s took place within the last two weeks that made me write this post.

Kasia’s Wedding

photo 4

My sister Kasia, Kat to her friends, tied the knot with her fiance David in a very movie-like ceremony on the North Shore beach in Hawaii. Here’s my WordPress salute to you both! Congratulations once again.
The world turned out to be just a little too big this time around and neither my parents nor I attended their ceremony, which I would now like to apologize for. We should have tried harder. We failed. Life moves too fast to miss such beautiful events. I think we all need to slow down a bit and smell the roses, coffee, whatever, and simply enjoy each other.

photo 5

photo 5 (1)



My own important event took place in a form of a job promotion. I am now a Technical Marketing Manager at GOVECS working my fingertips off to promote our brand, making the world aware that we’ve got the best electric scooter out there, period.

I spent the last month traveling quite a bit which inadvertently resulted in less frequent posts on this blog, but with things slowly settling down I aim to regain my focus and get back to writing. Seen below is our GOVECS crew from the Polish office along with a couple of importers on our way back from a two day meeting at our headquarters in Munich, Germany. A little out of focus, but with clear goals in sight 😉


Munich has to have one of the coolest airports in the world. I mean where else is there an airport with a Christmas market in-between the terminals, with mulled wine flowing and live rock music?




And speaking of marketing, this huge BMW ad is an extremely clever way of promoting their electric drive. This is Bavaria after all, the home of the Bimmer.