Winter Blogging

I’ve been wondering why every winter I seem to blog a lot less and the answer is quite simple; there’s a lot less time for things to write about. On this blog I write about stuff going on in my life, events I’ve been to, places I’ve visited, so naturally if I don’t really do anything…I’m out of material 😉


Such is the case now. Today was longer from the shortest day of the year by a whopping 8 minutes, but on a weekday it still means I get to work when it’s dark, and leave when it’s dark as well. And that’s always been the case, only that it doesn’t help my blog any when I’ve got no sunlight left to go somewhere or no daylight to take some photos. This leaves weekends, so I’m gonna do my best to bring you winter time blogging, on weekends. That, or I will recycle and post some stuff I’ve been meaning to write but still haven’t.


Winter in Wrocław has been relatively mild thus far with temperatures staying mostly on the positive side. Only a couple of days ago did it dip hard below zero and today we actually got some snow. My parents have taken upon themselves to feed all the local birds this season an have placed about half a dozen feeders in their yard. It seems the birds were skeptical at first, but are feeding in full force now. The bird seen most ofthen is a Great Tit, and the twelve year old in me just can’t say that without a smile on my face. I mean, if you have to birds, you got a pair of Great Tits. Hilarious.


I on the other hand just appreciate the fact that I can power slide my Mazda into the driveway anytime there’s barely an inch of snow on the ground. It’s so much fun, until the shoveling begins.


And to what end? I just peeked outside and all my shoveling went for nothing. Gotta love winter.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. greenselda says:

    Heading off to work and returning both in the dark sucks. Let’s hope for spring to come soon 🙂

  2. Olja says:

    Can’t see any great tits in the picures….

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