I was sitting on my couch today sipping a glass of wine and reading a book on the subject of Twitter when it dawned on me; I’m getting old!

As humorous as this sounds it was funny to pick up all the pieces together to come to that conclusion. Here’s my train of thought.


Clue number one: who reads about Twitter? I mean really. Until now Twitter was just a social networking tool like any other. Teenagers all over the world are masters of Twitter from the day their parents get them their first smartphone, yet here I am reading up on it. Why? Well, it turns out that Tweeting for fun with your friends and trying to use it to extend the reach of your company’s social media awareness are two very different things. Sure I’m having fun doing it, but being smart about getting our brand name more readily recognised is a serious task.

Clue number two: I just traded my iPad2 for a Kindle. I replaced a shiny color half-computer with a smaller grayscale ebook reader. And I’m loving it.

Clue number three: my renewed California driver license has my date of birth written on it FOUR times. If that’s not a clue, I don’t know what is.

Clue number four: the above mentioned date of birth is fast approaching…on monday. Thirty one is just a stone’s throw away.

Clue number five: it’s 11pm and I’m thinking that I should have finished typing this an hour ago to get my 8 hours of sleep.

Clue number six: my bathroom scale is constantly reminding me that my metabolism is not good, is not bad, but is simply shit and only getting worse. I swear one day I’m just gonna stop stepping on.

Well, it’s all I got for now. I’ll make sure to update you with more clues as I become painfully more aware of them 🙂