Mietków Moto Sunday

I took a short 120km trip to and around a nearby water reservoir in Mietków. You might remember it from an earlier post when I did some kayaking there (LINK) over the summer. At this time it’s barely warm enough to ride around it, but it seems everyone had a similar idea of getting out the house as the lake was full of people enjoying the weather.

I’m gonna repeat myself saying it, but ripping through the Polish countryside on a Sunday morning is fun! This time I noticed more farm equipment on the road, but that’s not a problem to pass. I stopped by a few places to take photos, I was in no hurry and felt like ‘smelling the roses’ and enjoy a moto day.





Getting to the lake was pretty easy as I remembered the way exactly from the kayaking trip, but I managed to get lost wanting to ride all the way around the reservoir. Always keeping the lake on my right, and always making right hand turns, somehow managed to get me elsewhere. Nothing a quick look at Google Maps couldn’t solve, and I got to ride over more interesting terrain than just smooth (by Polish standards) asphalt. I passed a couple of towns where people were very surprised to see me, as in “no one ever comes here” haha.

As I mentioned earlier, there were quite a lot of people around. Biking, jogging, fishing, some just drinking beer on the side of the road. I got a scare when one tipsy big dude walked up to me and wanted to see photos I had taken on my camera. I’m not sure which way that could have gone, me fighting him with my helmet on or me running away leaving behind my motorcycle with a key in the ignition, but luckily his buddies called him back and left altogether. Hadn’t felt so threatened in a long time and I’m gonna think twice before picking a place to stop that’s for certain.




The dam itself was pretty cool to see, I’ve never been to it before. It’s rather small, but once I stood at the top and felt the water rushing beneath me I couldn’t help but feel very little in the scheme of things. I met a couple of motorcyclists at the top of the embankment, on their motorcycles, so I politely asked how the hell they got up there, this is how the conversation went:

Me: Hey, isn’t it illegal to ride on top of this dam?
Them: There’s no sign saying this.
Me: Well, there is a gate…
Them: Yeah
Me: And it’s locked, I was just there.
Them: Yeah… (laughter)

They looked to be local and they looked to be checking the water level of the lake. Maybe they’re checking for potential flood danger… but I still didn’t care for them riding where no riding was meant.
In either case it was a good sunny day out on the Funmoto.





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  1. I love riding around or near lakes. I always want to jump in.

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