Sunday Motocross Fun

Speaking of motocross, I also happened to go to a motocross track here in Poland last week to hang out with a buddy of mine Mariusz.

Screen Shot 1



Now I’m not that huge of a cross fan, and this being a second post on motocross in as many days in strictly coincidental. To me a day a the track simply meant a cool ride on a Sunday morning. Kacze Doły (Duck Holes) motocross track is located 120km north of Wrocław near the city of Wschowa. It would be my furthest ride yet, and it was a learning experience fo sure. 

I will be the first to admit that a supermoto bike is a shit load of fun around a city. I will also however admit that anything outside of it, on a long stretch going anything above 120km/h is just plain tiring and no fun at all. I know that now, and for now it this bike will do fine. But between worrying about running out of gas and feeling like a human parachute I am this much wiser for the purchase of my next motorcycle.






It took me about an hour and half to get to the track. It was a little funny parking my bike next to all the cross motorcycles. My FMX was born of a cross bike, but sitting next to true cross it felt oddly out of place with its mirrors, street tires, license plate and all. Mariusz offered me his XRF450 for a spin around the track but I wasn’t feeling like making a fool of myself in public just yet. I will gladly take him up on his offer one day but I need to try a dirt track with no witnesses first, or just man up but with better gear than jeans and a close face helmet.

At one point I did consider off-road tires for the FMX and found this photo online. But I don’t think it would be a good idea at all knowing now how the bike handles.


Here are a few photos from the day.

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