Baden-Baden, Schwarzwald in Spring


I spent the last couple of days with a dear friend of mine and her family in the German region of Schwarzwald. The name Schwarzwald literally means Black Forest and derives from Romans who referred to the thickly forested mountains there as Silva Nigra. Even though we’re way into the Spring season the weather decided not to read the memo and it basically rained, and even snowed, my entire stay.


That didn’t stop us from a quick tour of Baden-Baden, a city that repeats itself in its name. Baden used to be known as just that, Baden, but then other Badens in Germany popped up so they renamed it to 2x Baden, you know, to double the fun. And Baden is a fun town in a way, even the Romans came here for hot springs and casinos. We toured as much as we could on a rainy day but I’m sure we’ll come back again another sunny time.



We also drove up to the Mummelsee, a small lake 1,032 meters above the sea level and the Black Forest surrounding it. Usually it’s a great place to take photos and view the sights, usually. On our trip it snowed, in the last week of May. Still, we managed to make it a lot of fun.

Fun, after all, is not weather dependent 🙂



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