Technical Scooters


Wrocław’s University of Technology has continually been ranked among the top most technical schools in Poland. In fact it was ranked the top technical school in 2006 and 2007, this according to Wikipedia. So it makes me really proud to see our scooters patrolling the campus as electric security.

I think it was a year ago that I had a talk with one of the security guards riding our GOVECS scooter. He didn’t know why I was asking him about his experience, I simply walked up out of the blue and asked if he rode the scooter, but once he knew I just wanted to chat he couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful it was. It’s these stories that stand out the most and make me want to make better products. Real people doing real work and simply using our electric scooters as tools in their everyday job. Sure I appreciate the casual user riding it around town, but somehow people working on our scooters have that sparkle in their eyes. Security guards, pizza delivery guys, mail personnel, they all seem a bit happier with an electric scooter as their workhorse.

I took the photo above during a service check up. If you ever see these red scooters around town be sure to ask the rider about them. They can’t get enough 😉


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