River Cruisin’

Wrocław has Poland’s second largest river running through it, and while the Oder river provides more thrills in the spring months with flood warnings that keep the entire city on its toes, it also allows for some fun to be had in the summer. Personally I think that Wrocław should do a better job at promoting water sports and the river in general. There is very little going on water wise. There are practically no beaches along the banks, only a couple kayak rental places, and a few ‘boat’ services that offer party cruises for bigger groups that want to party  river style. And that’s just what we did with a group of coworkers, we partied river style.

The boat cruise chugs along at a very slow pace, just slow enough for the grill to get going. I landed the grill duty even though it took a higher engineering power to lower the cooking grate. Good thing we’re an engineering company 😉 I introduced my group of folks to my standard, a grilled corn on the cob. I think it has to be an American invention because no one here ever thought of putting a leafed corn cob on a grill.

While beer and wine was free flowing we had to watch our heads as the boat passed under some really really low bridges. You could actually touch bridge beams as the boat went underneath, but it was really cool to see all of the bridges from that angle.

The river provides a very different view of the sights I’m already used to seeing around Wrocław. Not just the bridges, but generally I was very impressed with all that I saw from being on a boat. And after all, I’m on a boat mother#*%ker 🙂








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