The hardest part of writing a blog is…the writing part. Or not even that, but more so the motivation to take some time out of the daily routine and sit down to a keyboard for a while. Now I’ve noticed that every cold season in Poland I come across the same slump. The winter is coming and I can feel a cool breeze blowing through my blog as well. It’s been 10 days since my last post, and then 14 since the one prior. As much as I think about my blog, and I check stats and visits every day, there are times like these when I just can’t get myself to write.

In a way this here is just a precursor to writing. A way of getting my fingers to do the keyboard dance, a warm up if you will. To write more I was also thinking of using’s word of the day in every post, using their randomly selected word in my writeup on that particular post day as practice on expanding my vocabulary.

Today’s word of the day is ‘solstice’. Not chosen randomly I suppose as today is the winter solstice of 2013. And thankfully, too. If day’s got any shorter I’d have serious trouble getting out of bed at all. This year I have my parent’s dog Oscar under my roof for a few months as my folks are away. He’s used to long walks in the park every other day. He’s used to that because my folks have the time during the day to do this. But with scarce daylight at the moment, I leave for work before sunrise and get back long after the sunset to a “Hey, WTF happened to my walk” face from Oscar the dog. Here’s Oscar by the way, the Kortas family Keeshond, or Wolfsspitz in German.


The park itself is pretty cool to walk through. This is the same park I rode my bike in some 20 years ago, but I haven’t really gone to it much since I moved away to a different neighborhood. Now that I’m back for a while I actually started to enjoy it. Even started taking photos here and there with a handy phone camera. Night walks are not cool though, I think I’ve just seen too many movies by now and always imagine a Blair Witch Project like scenario unfolding right before me. Don’t believe me? Here’s a photo from a walk that went a little too far into the night.


You can’t see it, but I am one screaming girl away from seriously sharting my pants 😉 On good evenings however the sun hits the park just right for some cool sunset shots.

In either case, this post has served its purpose. With a word of the day in, I’m happy to be writing again.