Winter in Poland is yet to show its ugly gray and cold self, but for the time being days here feel more autumn-like, and in some instances even spring-ish. Autumn, because with golden leaves everywhere it sure feels the winter is coming. Spring, because some flowers and trees already began blooming due to warm temperatures outside. It was 10°C (50°F) on Christmas Day, not at all standard here and a far departure from a white Christmas everyone was anticipating.


So this Sunday we took Ania’s dog Fado on a hike, a winter hike really, sans the snow of course. This was a small test of sorts for Fado the dog and safe travels in my Zoom-Zoom Mazda wagon. Fado is used to riding in cars, but front and center on the passenger seat, not in the back safely tucked away behind a special cargo net separating the cabin from the “trunk”. He sat there, looking at us unhappily as if to say WTF am I so far back. But overall there was little crying on his part and all sadness went away once we hit the trail.

Fado is just short of two years old, and this is the maturing time for labradors. Sure he’s the friendliest dog ever and I feel comfortable with him off of the leash most all the time cause he just knows how to behave. But as Ania points out he’s also beginning to actually pay attention to us, his masters, and he keeps really close now as opposed to chasing after other dogs.

Maybe he’s just afraid to leave his girl alone cause, you know, I’m around now for some reason unknown to him 🙂