Good coffee is hard to make. And I’m not talking about the difficulty of drawing a swan on your latte 😉  I’m talking about a cup of coffee that you drink black, no sugar, no milk, and yet it’s the best tasting coffee you ever had.

Last month I attended an “Alternative Coffee Making” workshop organised by a local Cocofli Cafe here in Wrocław. I will have a full write up of this at the website soon and will update this post accrodingly, but I wanted to show some of the photos from Cocofli here.

The workshop focused on three coffee making techniques: chemex, drip, and aeropress. In a group of 6 we each tried our hand in brewing that perfect cup of joe. Everything needs to be exactly measured out, timed, temperature controlled…it felt like being a chemist at times.

Three hours of constant coffee making, tasting, making, tasting…later, I had enough caffeine in my system to lift a house!

DSC_4178DSC_4237 DSC_4193