I never really traveled to the east coast while living in California. In 1998 we drove across the States on a cross-country family vacation that took us to Chicago, Toronto, Niagara Falls, and New York. Many years later I would tour New York City a bit closer on a mini vacation. But that about covers my east coast travel. So when an opportunity popped up to travel to Boston, from Poland nonetheless, I was pretty excited to say the least.

“Business or pleasure?”
“My business is my pleasure” hahaha

Anyway, while the core of my stay took place just outside of Boston, I did manage to spend a couple of days walking and touring Boston itself and here are a few photos from that trip.

Best parts? To me, a noob in Boston, crab (didn’t know B-town was known for this) and Cheers were number one for sure. Loved me some lobster roll and drinking beer where “everybody knows your name”, though I wasn’t greeted by a loud “SLAV!!!” when I walked through the door. Strange, gonna have to talk to Ted Danson about that. I also got a chance to see MIT and Harvard, Fenway park, and in general got to see a lot of where the U.S. history was made. Boston was after all settled almost 400 years ago, so there’ plenty to see there. The Old State House was great to see, it looks incredible among new high rises in all its glory. I came upon Fenway Park by accident when walking back to my hotel, didn’t even know it is the oldest professional baseball park still in use. Paul Reveres house and the location of the first Italian Catholic Church in New England, there’s truly plenty to see there.

Here are my pics.

John Harvard

DSC_9106 DSC_9040 DSC_8899