Just Married

It was a warm, sunny and gold October Saturday in Wrocław when we said our “I do’s”.


Actually it wasn’t “I do” at all. In the Roman Catholic Church, which most of Poland subscribes to, we have to repeat full on phrases in the manner of “I, Sławomir, take you Anna, to be my lawfully wedded wife…” Someone later told me that my voice sounded a bit nervous when uttering that phrase, I would have preferred a Hollywood “I do” for sure.

Our wedding day has come and gone, and October 4th will never be the same. We didn’t have the traditional big Polish wedding till sunrise or the last drunk uncle standing. This year is a year of grief for Ania who lost her father to cancer in March, and while we decided to go on with our wedding as planned we also wanted to keep the celebration in a respectful tone.

And we did just that with a wedding mass at our local church and a small family dinner afterwards. I remember thinking, while knowing of Ania’s dad’s illness, that maybe if we do it soon enough he’ll get to see his little girl married off to a good guy that I mostly think I am. I proposed to Ania in front of him, while he sat in his chair wearing pijamas in-between chemo sessions. But our plans weren’t quick enough and we were one parent short when we gave two baskets of 32 roses each to my parents and Ania’s mom during our celebration dinner. 32 roses, one for every year our folks have had to put up with us.

So a new time has come upon me, and mostly upon us. In the name of God, and regulated by the Polish law just in case, we are now a married couple, a family. There will be time of adjustment, more adjustment, and then more adjustment still…but those are just the things we have to fine tune within or about ourselves to get along. I’m more worried about somehow fulfilling the best husband role yet in the eyes of Ania’s father who may be watching me now from above saying “Dude, seriously?”

This is a personal blog, and this entry here is as personal as I have ever written. I’m ecstatic and scared of the times ahead, and a little worried the asshole within me is gonna ruin it all. I think I’m writing this out loud as a reminder to do good in this life, to be good to my wife, and good things will happen in return. Be good is all I ask for. Happy married life!


Photos here are one’s my mom took with her iPad, and a few I have received so far from our photographer from a field session we did a day later. I will post selected photographer photos when we get ’em. I’d also like to thank those that attended our wedding. It was a pleasure having you all there!

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  1. Gary Lackerman (WET) says:

    Congratulations Slav!

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