Sky Towering


Back in August Ania and I went up Poland’s tallest building, named appropriately The Sky Tower. Of course when it comes to record breaking everyone wants a piece of the pie so the titles of being the tallest is bit of a pickle.

At 205 meters (672.5 ft) Sky Tower does have the tallest roof line in Poland and it has the highest floor to boot. But the total height of the building is 212 meter (695.5ft), and that’s 25 meters shy of the antenna spire on top of the Palace of Culture and Science which stretches 237m (778ft) above the Warsaw sky line.

Here’s a quick infographic of Poland’s tallest buildings:


Seeing Wrocław from above is pretty cool, and seeing Wrocław as a carpet laid beneath your feet feels great. My only gripe with the observation deck is that it only spans about 160° towards western Wrocław, just slightly showing both the northern and southern parts of the city. Why does it not go the full 360° around the tower is anyone’s guess, but pretty much everyone on our elevator was surprised to see the walkway suddenly stop and not go full circle.

The experience however is unlike anything else in this part of Poland, so we’ll take it. I’m not sure how it is these days, but I remember tickets being sold out for most walk-ins, so make sure to book in advance if you’d like to stop by. The observation deck elevator goes up every half hour.

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