Moto Sale

I sold my Transalp last week. Pictured here is my last photo of it, along with its new owner Jacek. I wasn’t gonna post anything about it, but my wife’s response to that photo was priceless. I messaged her the photo with a “SOLD” caption, and her reply was:

“That guy doesn’t look like he knows what he’s getting into” hahaha


She was of course referring to the guy’s demeanor. I sort of agree, but we all had to start somewhere. When I picked up the Transalp it was the biggest motorcycle I had ever ridden and it took two years and some crazy rides to get me comfortable, or at least comfortable looking, on that bike. This guy definitely has little riding experience, and it showed even when simply standing next to the bike.

All I can say is “ride safe, be well, and good learning to you buddy!”.

But it’s still pretty funny how we’re used to seeing certain people on specific motorcycles, and how the odd one stands out.

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  1. pastframe says:

    Ooo…i like the helmet! lol

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