Flower Festival – Redux


I wrote about the Flower Festival a year ago, but this being an annual tradition for Ania and her mom, here are a few photos from this year’s edition.

It has to be said that the flower festival is definitely losing its appeal. I don’t mean to be the negative Nancy, but if you’re gonna charge a record high price of admission to a festival of flowers, you should have some…you know, flowers! This year’s event, flowerwise that is, seemed way smaller than a year ago, and even last year Ania and her mom were deeply disappointed with the size of the festival. A whole lot of vendors though, pushing anything from cool hand made jewlery and local wine to cheap knick-knacks. It almost seemed that we paid for admission so that we can pay for more stuff inside. An in-app purchase if you will 🙂

I highly doubt we will do this again next year…

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