Goldberg, Visiting Bosy

P1100794Remember Bosy and his fiance Magda from my Romania motorcycle trip?

Well, it’s been a couple of years since our motorcycle expedition, and it’s been a pretty busy couple of years for my friends from the city of Złotoryja, or Goldberg in German, named after gold mines found in the region many decades ago.

Bosy bought a 120 year old house with forests and open fields for a back yard. Magda is 8 months pregnant with their son Jasiu on the way, and their wooden house construction business is going better than ever. Złotoryja is a great little city, but it’s the rolling hills surrounding it that make us want to drop everything and move there.

Here are a few photos from a short walk in their “back yard”. What a great place to forget about the busy city life. No traffic. No noise. Fresh air. Simply beautiful. Fado certainly thought so, too, as he dove head first into wheat fields. It felt pretty great to see each other again. Maybe we can get a little better at visiting, but with Bosy’s new ranch, I think we’ll be coming back soon 🙂


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