ATX8080…but Why?

I’m a big electric scooter nerd, no need to go into details. So I was pretty happy to see a newcomer to the field called the ATX 8080 by Austin Electric Powersports; a frame only scooter reminiscent of the Honda Zoomer. Here are the two side by side, Zoomer on the bottom.


Unfortunately the cool look is all that this scooter has going for itself. First off, it’s expensive with MSRP of $6,995 and a Kickstarter backer deal of $5,250. It has a KLD oneDrive, but really it’s just a hub motor. It looks to have a rebranded Sevcon controller and an underpowered onboard charger in the rear that explains the long charge time. The battery is really the second thing I like about this scooter. It’s pretty big, as it should be, and can probably deliver the 80km range at 80km per hour. But that’s another thing that rubs me the wrong way; Austin Electric markets this scooter as being American engineered and Texas made, but calls it 8080 for 80 kilometers range at 80 kilometers per hour. Now I know things down in Texas are…well…different, but I thought they still followed the imperial system. So why not call it the ATX5050 and stick to miles? Still has a cool sound to it.

Here’s the spec sheet:

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.47.42I wish KLD and Austin Electric Powersports good luck with the ATX8080, but the numbers really don’t add up.

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