Greetings From Gorinchem


Gorinchem is a small city of some 35 thousand people in the south of the Netherlands. It’s got great history dating back to year 1000 A.D., and has great architecture as you can see on some of the photos below. But most importantly it is home of our GOVECS Dutch importer. And that’s where I’ve been this week. Doing a little scooter field service and checking out Netherlands’ huge electric scooter potential.

It’s really nice out here. Life seems to move a little slower. Cow farms everywhere. Bikes, too. And very picturesque. Simply beautiful.


Our scooters are the workhorse for food delivery companies that basically lease out GOVECS cargo scooters. The idea is that you as a pizza chain owner don’t own the scooter, but having the need to deliver pizzas you make a phone call and scooters show up the next day ready for work. No maintenance or purchase of scooters required. Just clean electric delivery.IMG_0550

So yeah. We’re working long hours but here a few photos.

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