Santa Monica Tesla

I haven’t been to the Santa Monica 3rd street promenade in over five years so naturally a lot of stores were new to me. But one especially attracted my attention, and it was the Tesla store. 

I know that Tesla is bypassing the whole dealer network thing and doing the direct to customer AppStore style business model. And I’ve also read about their Tesla stores, I’ve just never seen one in person. Until now. 

Sure I was just looking around, and sure I was never gonna buy a Tesla to begin with, but this surely is the case for 90%+ of people that walk through their doors.  I was told not to record videos but that photos were OK. The Tesla store looks rather normal with a couple of Teslas inside and an undercarriage that shows off the technology within the car. A lot of upgrading and option tweaking is displayed but other than that the helpful staff is all about answering questions and getting you into a Tesla model S. 

  Here’s a Tesla I saw at the Universal Studios back lot tour, but really they’re everywhere here. 


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