Yosemite and Death Valley

After San Francisco we drove through Yosemite on our way to Bishop, our stop for the night before driving on to Death Valley the following day. We didn’t have much time for hiking, nor did we take any hiking shoes with us from Poland for that matter, so our Yosemite experience was limited to beautiful scenery as seen from the front seat of my sisters’ Scion Tc.

There were many vista points of course, and we stopped at most of them. Well, one or two of them for sure! I tried spotting El Capitan and told Ania at least a handful of times that “that’s it right there”. “No, wait, that’s it”, “no… maybe that’s it?” Had Apple’s OS X El Capitan been released a few weeks earlier I would have had the ultimate cliff note right on my desktop.

As noted we spent the night in Bishop, a very cosy little place. An oasis in between a desert of nothingness all around, if you will. We took off for Death Valley early the next day. Truth be told I was expecting it to be hotter than the 39°C (101°F). I mean it was hot, sure, but San Fernando Valley (where I lived for many years) was hotter that day, I’m sure of it. Still it was hot enough for Ania to say “I’m OK” when I offered to pull over to walk around the desert. Can’t blame her though, air conditioned car vs. walking around dry salted sand… OK. But we did of course hit the must-see places, and here are some photos from our drive through the desert. Next up, Vegas baby!


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