Sushi Night


Speaking of fish…

Every now and again we get together within our circle friends for a movie night. The usual scenario is that we collectively pick a genre of the movie we would like to watch and discuss, every couple submits a movie title in that genre, we then vote on the movie, watch it, and lively discuss it afterwards. This of course is surrounded by a crazy amount of good food, laughter, camaraderie, and free flowing alcohol of all sorts.

IMG_6200This time around the topic was Japan, mainly because we wanted the main entree of the night to be sushi. And boy did we make a lot of sushi that night!

Everyone invited brought something along for the night. I don’t remember exactly who brought what, I do know Ania made a cheese cake cause it looked pretty orangey-bad-ass!

But it was the sushi that was the topic of the evening, even though there was a lot to be learned about the making of rolls, and shrimp cleaning, too. Nothing a YouTube video couldn’t explain!


At some point there was so much learning and running around going on, I felt like my kitchen was part of some Master Chef episode. I mainly stayed out of the way and made sure my guests were tended to, drink wise of course.

The end result was delicious, albeit a little too spicy as we didn’t judge the nose-clearing power of wasabi correctly. I’m sure we’ll get it right next time around. Sushi took a little longer then expected, and when we finally sat down to movie voting…no one really felt like starting a two-hour movie at 10pm would be a good idea, so we skipped the movie part altogether.

Great fun with a great company of friends. Thanks everyone!

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