Scooters on Display

For some reason totally not explained in any way, shape, or form, there is a display of scooter posters in the middle of a shopping mall here in Wrocław. Naturally I had to investigate…and read all about every single scooter shown. I saw the display from afar, mostly because I saw my beloved Schwalbe in the mix.


But looking around, I think there wasn’t a scooter I wouldn’t mind driving around for a while. I’ve had some battery trouble with my electric scooter recently, and I think there’s a new, or a new-old rather, scooter in my near future. Maybe a Honda CN? Or a used Vespa? Personally I have fallen in love with a Yamah Nmax at the Intermot motorycle show. I even called up a couple of Yamaha dealers asking about it, but brand new it’s just a little outside of what I’d like to pay for a scooter.

Yamaha Nmax at Intermot 2016

Anyway, here are a few photos from the scooters on display at the mall.

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