I’ve had a pretty gruelling work schedule for the past few months, one that pushed any vacation plans further and further down the calendar year. But, as you have already seen here, the Schwalbe scooter is coming along well, and I chose the time in-between trade shows to take a couple of weeks to refresh and recharge.

Ania insisted that we get some sun before this year’s end, so Poland was naturally out of the question for any vacation plans. We looked closely at Spain, Greece, and Turkey, and we chose the Turkish Riviera as out vacation destination. Located in the southwest of Turkey, the province of Antalya with temperatures hovering around the 30°C mark all week long during our stay was just what the doctor had ordered.

I will post a more detailed review of a few spots and cities we have visited on our trip, but here are a few photos from our sunny and warm vacation. A very nice change considering we flew back to a very wet and cold reality yesterday.