Sunday Night Post

This week’s been relatively calm so when my phone reminded me of my self imposed blog-post-deadline late this Sunday afternoon…absolutely no post topic came to mind. I have set this post deadline to force myself into some kind of creative writing for at least a few minutes every week.

Don’t get me wrong, as a project manager I do write a lot at work, but it’s not the sort of writing I can do here. I can’t exactly throw ‘maple syrup’ or ‘snow half marathon’ into a random work e-mail. Or can I?

“Dear Jake,
Please place an order for three hundred printed circuit boards number 345678 rev. 05 for our capability study in CW11. I would greatly appreciate expedited shipping. Charge all costs to my project number. Ohhh, and don’t forget the maple syrup!”

“Dear Customer,
Due to heavy snowfall, I regret to inform you that our production plant is experiencing partial shut down and your order will be delayed by two business days. On the bright side, that gives you time to read all about my snow half-marathon HERE!”

hahaha, I kid of course, but it would sure be a first of its kind at work.

To boost my creativity some more I have decided to upgrade my home office game a bit with an actual desk and such. Until today I’ve been rocking an old Singer sawing machine stand with a random table top as a desk, but time has come to get a bit more professional and organized. I especially have to work on cable management. I know of a certain former boss of mine who’s probably cringing right about now at the sight cables below.


I will update on progress here, for now, I’ve got some IKEA assembling to do. It barely fit into the VeeDub last night, but the wagon pulled through once again.

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