Winter Wonderland

Winters in Poland have been rather calm and warm over the past few years. In fact, I do believe we only had a day or two of snow last year, and while the temps have been known to dip below freezing, there’s been little to no snow fall in my home town of Wroclaw over the ten years since my move back to Poland. But all of that has changed this year and we’ve had snow up the wazoo for the past month and a half.

Sure, winter and snow have been linked together for centuries, but I really needed it not to snow this year and instead we got the largest snowfall in a decade. So what do you do when winter brings you lemons? You take your dogs for long snow walks of course.

We have temporarily taken custody of Rico, my mother in law’s chocolate labrador. While he is a lovely dog, he tends to go absolutely crazy when another dog or a cat cross his path, and with all that snow and ice on the street a walk with Rico to her looked more like Disney on Ice. But Rico really just needed more structure to his walks and by that I mean I hold him tight when needed, I let him loose when possible, and over the past three weeks I feel like Rico is better trained than our very own Fado.

So without further ado, here are some dog walking photos from this ongoing winter that will hopefully get warmer by the end of next week. The photos with Ania and just a little bit of greenery in them are from the very beginning of the season when snow hadn’t covered everything just yet.

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