The Dilemma

Every year around this mid-November time frame I get the annual WordPress blog renewal e-mails, and every year I’m faced with a dilemma of do I continue paying (around $65) for the renewal or not. It is at that time that I also come up with new ideas of what to write, what to post, what photos to show, only to come back here a year later to face the same renewal notice.

For some strange reason, this blog still gets around 450 unique users every month, with a weird uptick in recent months. This is positively strange considering I haven’t done much posting in a while. I like my domain name, and I’ll definitely renew that, but I need to wait and see how the paid WordPress package is benefiting my few posts a year before pulling the trigger on that purchase.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that I’m here. I suppose life gets in the way, is all. I noticed that even my Instagram feed has been quiet for months. There just isn’t much to post when all you’ve got to show for is work, home, repeat.

We did get a second dog for good now. You’ve seen Rico on this blog before. He’s my mother’s in-law dog, but due to her illness, he’ll be ours forever now. Here’s a photo from a recent walk.

I really do wish I would post more. It’s fun to train my writing skills and show off some photos and my weird ideas while I’m at it. Maybe soon there’ll be more.

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  1. ronkelley says:

    Don’t stop………

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