Movie Theater With a Twist

I went to my first movie theater event last night. We saw Woody Allen’s newest film “Whatever Works”. The movie itself is of course in english with polish subtitles and the entire film I kept looking at how bad the translation was. Of course Larry David’s fast and clever shots at pretty much the entire humanity were no help to the poor schmuck that had to translate it, and the translator would have probably run out of room on the screen for the subtitles had he actually translated the movie word for word.

I did however see an interesting thing at the theater itself. I was pleasantly surprised to see what you can also see below. What’s that at the concession stand next to the soda fridge? That’s right, BEER! I have gotten used to KFC and McDonalds serving beer with any meal, but have never seen beer served at the movies. Too bad I drove a car there 😦

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