Last weekend Karolina and I went to Prague. It’s only a 4 hour drive from Wroclaw, so it’s kind of like Vegas to L.A. And just like Vegas, Prague seems to be the party central for Europeans. Throughout the entire weekend we kept seeing groups of guys or girls, where one person would always be dresses ‘funny’ clearly on hers or his last night before a wedding.

The weather was not good at all. Upon our arrival it was 50*F and raining. In MAY!!!! The rain stopped that night, but it was still cold throughout our stay there. Prague is truly a great city. We spent hours upon hours constantly walking with a guide book and cameras. And we weren’t alone. Thousands of tourist swarm this city at any given time. It’s amazing how many tourists Prague gets. I wish Poland had a city as popular, or as rich in history. If only Poland was to give up without a fight during WWII we’d still have most of our cities in tact.(I know there’s more to that, I’m just being polish…)

We slept in a hostel we found online. It turned out to be an old train depot converted into a living space. I have never stayed in a hostel before, and I’m not sure I ever will again. Not in a room with so many beds anyway. Maybe I’m just too old for it, but sharing a living space with 6 strangers didn’t sit too well with me. People come and go throughout the night while you’re trying to sleep. Of course the loudest people in our room turned out to be another polish couple that had gotten into a fight, their whispers slowly becoming louder and louder as he told her to get her ass into the car or she’s taking the train back.

I also wish my city, or any city in Poland for that matter, would have a subway system as advanced as Prague’s. Our hostel was a few miles away from the city square, but a metro station was only a 10 minute walk away, and 8 minutes on the train later we were smack in the middle of all things to see in Prague. Our guide book, “Top 10 Things in Prague” in short told us exactly what to try there. We had few of the top 10 meals to have, almost all of top 10 Check beers to drink, and we covered all of the top 10 sights in Prague. Karolina also had her first shot of absinth and I’m not sure she’s gonna have another one any time soon. Absinth is of course huge in Prague, maybe a little less so now that it’s available in U.S. and other European countries, but it’s still big and sold pretty much everywhere.

As a side note, I had my first European Starbucks in Prague. They have 2 locations there always swamped with tourists.

Here are a few more photos from this trip:

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  1. Dr. Bashan says:

    It is a great city, no? Did you try Pilsner Urquell on tap or Czechvar or Budvar (the original budweiser). I remember seeing the sign to Warsaw in the train station in Prague… right after the police informed me it was “prohibited to smoke in Prague train station… this is your only warning.”

    Hope all is well otherwise.

    (Oh and both DC and Portland have movie theaters that serve beer… FYI)

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