Even without a job I haven’t been sitting around on my arse all this time either. I have finalized all my paperwork with the military here, have received an official “Military Book” and am classified “ready for duty”. Military duty was mandatory here at one point, back then everyone tried to fake some papers in order to get an “unfit for duty” status in their military record. Now, at 28 years old and military being only voluntary , I don’t care that I got that “fit for duty” classification. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to any wars any time soon. Till the Germans change their mind, anyway.

Along with a lot of paper work, I’m also doing a lot of work around the house. Have been doing a whole lot of yard work, going to be planting my lawn tomorrow and have been preparing my yard for it. Last Saturday along with my neighbor I set up an informal drive way from granite stones. I don’t have much room for a second or third car on my yard, so in order not to park on the lawn itself the car will fit on the granites. The granites were heavy, but the beer I brought from Prague was delicious.