Hard Work

Even without a job I haven’t been sitting around on my arse all this time either. I have finalized all my paperwork with the military here, have received an official “Military Book” and am classified “ready for duty”. Military duty was mandatory here at one point, back then everyone tried to fake some papers in order to get an “unfit for duty” status in their military record. Now, at 28 years old and military being only voluntary , I don’t care that I got that “fit for duty” classification. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to any wars any time soon. Till the Germans change their mind, anyway.

Along with a lot of paper work, I’m also doing a lot of work around the house. Have been doing a whole lot of yard work, going to be planting my lawn tomorrow and have been preparing my yard for it. Last Saturday along with my neighbor I set up an informal drive way from granite stones. I don’t have much room for a second or third car on my yard, so in order not to park on the lawn itself the car will fit on the granites. The granites were heavy, but the beer I brought from Prague was delicious.

One thought on “Hard Work

  1. i got your news feed on facebook, oh wow it _is_ you, hi there suave-omir. john yunouye from poly here, looking at your pictures.

    and wow a house in poland. the last time i remember seeing you was at CSUN — i was there at the bookstore and you were working, :OP wearing a book keeper’s apron.

    i am hear reading about your big move, wow again — it’s what movies are made of.

    i’ve got some internet action going on too — bearforest.com/john44. am going to do a poland search later, i see your neighbor. (O>

    it’s good to see you. i remember you being a good lab partner. (we were all grouped together nearby, desks pushed in, Rumball’s class, clear plastic aprons and goggles) anyway, on-task and fun to be around.

    [and shoot it ‘s not Ms O’connels english class but thought maybe it could help. Technically, it could be being a douche, it being an attempt to clean up :0P writing mistakes but no one ever corrected _me_ and feel like i could have used the help. it ‘s about the word but; written without a comma, but ‘s a conjuncture; written with a comma or to start a sentence, but ‘s like a verb. i could be wrong but i shit you not, it was in my american heritage dictionary with the word but’s usage notes. i was reading the bible and there ‘s this part about a dude described as a great guy then in parenthesis is “(but he was lieing)” (NIV) i was like what the fuck? and saw what about but — <OP anyway wanted to pass it along. was like maybe the hard work was really time consuming and took – in to your ciesta and this is old ]

    that was fun never really shared that with anyone — the holy land is toucan sam's follow your knows, they walked with the tabernackle and the bible is history and i mind the dialogue cues, cross out and find easter eggs, wwjd, just tell 'em peter [shit peter cut his ear off] go parrots

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