Some Photos

Here are a few photos I took while riding the street car to the city yesterday. The big cranes you see are set up at the new stadium construction site I mentioned previously. There is also a new highway that is being build at the same time as well, for now you can only see the pillars to support the future road above.

There are a couple of photos from the street car itself. I’d like to focus on that more with my camera in the future as they’re really the main artery of the city. Thousands of people travel via the street car every day and yet the cars, the tracks, the service itself, is almost falling apart. I recently read in a newspaper that graffiti artists have found a new substance to tag on bus and train windows that is not removable and the only way to fix it is to exchange the glass. Previously when taggers went for better paint the city went for a better paint remover, but this new substance supposedly bounds so well with glass it can’t be removed.

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