Wrocław Daily Photo

Before I ever even thought of starting my own blog, I followed a blog from Wrocław. It’s called Wrocław Daily Photo and yes, you guessed it, they pretty much have a different photo from our city of Wrocław every day. I admire their dedication, and even thought they seemed to be out of commission the past few months they’re back online now. Keeping up a daily photo ritual can’t be easy.


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  1. Karola&Pamp says:

    Hi. Thank’s for recommending our blog. So nice!
    Yes we’ve back. We even emailed you with questions if you’d give us a hand with blogging, when we had no time for posting. Unfortunately without answer.
    But after few months of break we are again online and hope to publish good photos again.
    We add you to our blog in Wroclaw section. So it’d be nice to compete with you ;))) Be serious it will be great watching how a foreigner see our city.
    Take care.

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