Goodnight Seattle

Before I left the states I got my hands on all 11 seasons of Frasier. The show has been off the air for almost a decade now, but once I saw a few episodes I was hooked. Now, 264 episodes later, I’m glad I stuck by it even though it sort of got redundant towards the last season. It was funny to see it actually play here on one of the Polish channels, but I can’t stand how it’s translated; there’s just no possible way to accurately portray Frasier’s humor and bourgeoisie attitude in Polish.

I have now successfully seen 2 shows in their entirety; Frasier, and The Sopranos.

2 thoughts on “Goodnight Seattle

  1. Yeah, translations suck. I hate watching anything in Spanish that has been translated from English, the jokes get lost, and it’s stupid to watch someone laugh when what they said makes no sense.

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