Commodore Goodness

When I was ten I got my very first computer system, the Commodore 64. Talk about greatness. I had the thin version that did the exact same think as the thick one, but looked so much better doing it than the original fat 64. I really just used it for games at the time. You had to tune the head of the tape deck with a little screw driver otherwise the tape would not be read in correctly, all to play a game that no kid would ever appreciate today. While in Warsaw I saw it on a display somewhere and my childhood memories came back.

There have been rumors of the Commodore name and the familiar keyboard coming back as an all-in-one computer and Engadget has had some luck confirming this, but there seem to be name licensing issues blocking any progress. Would going down the memory lane be enough for me to actually get such a computer 18 years later? Probably not. But good luck to the Commodore folks.

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