Polish Hip Hop

I’ve been listening to Polish hip hop off and on for many years now. Started way before even Poland was ready to accept it, and surely before any of my friends in the States were ready for it either. But even a few of my American friends found the beats interesting, others just gave me that “you’re crazy” chuckle.

Polish hip hop blew up in mainstream a few years ago, but it quickly became just one of the fads in Poland and pretty much everyone agrees that it’s almost gone away completely now, even rappers sing about it. One of the big names then was Kaliber 44, started by brothers Marcin “AbradAb” and Michał “Joka” Marten. Marcin went on to a solo career creating a band called Abradab and he performed last night at the Kultowa club in Wrocław.

It was my first hip-hop concert and I had a lot of fun. I wasn’t too familiar with Abradab and his work, I only knew of a couple of songs, but I it was good to hear some of the old K44 material and it was awesome to see O.S.T.R. as one of his guests on stage. I’ve listened to O.S.T.R. since his very first album, and it if wasn’t for his crappy newest release he’d still be my favorite Polish rapper.

Not wanting to lug my DSLR with me I did what I could with my pocket camera. The 720p video came out much better than the pictures. O.S.T.R. joins Abradab at around the 2:20 mark.

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