Eco Flea Market

I came across an eco flea market in Wrocław this past weekend. For some reason there were a lot of bee keepers there offering the largest variety of honey I’ve ever seen. There was also a lot hand made art, hand woven clothes, and great food made with all natural ingredients. The general vibe was one of the hippie subculture, and every seller was really, really, into the stuff they were selling with long but quite interesting and really funny discussions unavoidable if you took the smallest interest in their booth.

Almost bought myself a pumpkin to go with my spankin’ new pumpkin carving set I recently received from the States, but there will be a pumpkin festival this coming weekend in Wrocław and I’ll pick one up there.

For more information on the Pumpkin Festival (in Polish) please visit their official site: Pumpkin Fest

There are some pretty funny pumpkin creations at their site, have a look at some photos here.

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