Formaty Photography Course

When I first bought my Nikon D40 it wasn’t just a new toy. My D90 was. But I always wanted to take photos I myself would later like and appreciate so once I had the hardware and time came to take it off the “Auto” mode, a Polish photography course named “Formaty” was just what the doctor had ordered.

Formaty is a group of highly educated photography professionals who go out of their way to make sure everyone has a firm grasp on the material they’re teaching. Karolina and I both took the course and there were about 10 people in our group with 4 different camera brands among us. It was amusing to see how each camera maker does the exact same thing differently, Pentax I believe had it the funkiest. Four hours every Thursday night for 12 weeks was a lot of material to grasp, but it was a great learning environment surrounded by people who really wanted you to do your best.

If you ever wanted to take better photos, Formaty is the place to go. More information on their official website: Formaty

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