In 1962, Bobby “Boris” Pickett released the Monster Mash single. 48 years later it’s still the only song I’d say is great to listen to around the Halloween season. With so many Christmas songs around the holidays, why is there such a small selection of Halloween songs anyway?

Karolina and I carved a few pumpkins this season. Halloween is not big in Poland, but as most things American, it’s gaining ground year after year. I have even heard of kids treat-or-treating last year, we’ll see if there are any this time around. Poland, however, celebrates the All Saints Day on the 1st of November. It’s a national holiday and a day off from work to allow everyone a visit a the grave site of their loved ones.

I’m not sure I will visit my grandfathers grave though. In a typical Polish fashion, that day is an absolute mess all around the city. No parking anywhere, traffic jams, complete lack of coordination around the cemeteries. I stopped by a couple of weeks ago with a candle, and will do it again soon, but getting out on Monday might really not be worth the trouble.

I put together a video of Karolina carving out her pumpkin. Hope you enjoy it.