I finally cleaned up my garage enough to fit the 4Runner. Winter is coming and I didn’t want it just sitting out in the snow all season long. I drive the BMW and only run the 4Runner once a month to get it going, maybe take a drive around the town, but nothing else. It technically belongs to my dad now and I want to keep it safe until their next visit here. I never had a garage and it’s cool to be able to lock it up, out of sight, safe and sound, even though it just barely makes it all the way in.

I’m also sporting a spankin’ new Polish license plate! It looks much sexier up front than in the back, the rear plate is square and straight out ugly.

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  1. Ron Kelley says:


    Garages were not invented to put cars in – let ’em sit out in the cold! Where’s that motorcycle I see in some pictures? Now it belongs in the garage…..

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