Poolhall Junkies

The other night we stopped by Creator, one of Wrocław’s poolhall’s, with my cousin and his wife. Neither of us is great at playing pool, but no one sucks at it more than all of us put together. Of course it wasn’t about the game, but about spending some time with people I rarely get to see.

My cousin Krzysiek manages a catering business at the Wrocław airport and is responsible for most meals on international flights out of Wrocław. But he works crazy hours and although he lives just a minutes walk away I haven’t seen much of him in months. It was good to catch up around some beers and find out that pool is definitely not our game.

The place itself, Creator, has plenty of tables to go around. The dance floor wasn’t happening but maybe we were there a little early. Or perhaps the dance floor was empty because a lot of people were outside smoking. A new anti-smoking law is now in effect prohibiting smoking inside pubs, clubs, etc. I didn’t even put 2 and 2 together until we left and I saw all the folk smoking outside, at the same time it occurred to me that for the first time in Poland I don’t stink of cigarettes simply for being inside a club.  The radio says clubs still don’t enforce the new law, but I saw otherwise.

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