Charlie Walkin’

To those of you who still don’t know, the dog on these photos is Charlie. He’s Karolina’s dog, and my newest walking buddy. He’s surprisingly well trained and actually listens to my commands. I say surprisingly because I’ve had a hard time controlling my own dog in the past, and yet this one listens to me just fine. We usually hit up the park for an hour or so, it’s there that I can let him loose and throw some sticks around for him to fetch.

The other day I took him for a walk on my way to the post office. I tied him up at the bottom of the stairs and waited in a huge line inside to send some stuff. A few minutes later I took a sneak peak outside trough the window and to my surprise I saw an empty leash with his collar attached and no dog in sight. Naturally I panicked, I just lost Karolina’s dog, so I ran out with fear… but there he was, sitting and waiting next to the door. Apparently I had tied him to too far from the door, so he helped himself out to get a little closer. I didn’t even bother tying him up again and just let him sit by the door until I was done inside. What a cool dog.

Today my dad sent me a photo of my own dog, Oscar, with stitches in his paw after tearing it open around the yard. I’d like to say that he looks sad, but that’s his usual look. Hope he get’s better soon.


Along with some Charlie pictures I’m putting up a few more winter shots from the past week. It’s cold out here, have I mentioned that?


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  1. Gus says:

    Poor Carlos.

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