Third Time’s the Charm

I’m currently in Sicily for my third time helping RayTracker commission a site and turn on megawatts of solar goodness. We’re staying at the same B&B, same great food and service,  same half hour drive through beautiful but a little boring country side, with the only difference being that I get to drive this time around, and I even got my very own spankin’ new Fiat Panda with only 500 miles on the odometer!!! It’s not a fast car, but that thing sure picks up and goes around the local winding roads.

Shown here is the town of Camporeale with our site in the background.

I did have a few minutes to myself at the coast while waiting to pick up coworkers from the airport and managed these few shots of the sea. It’s colder here still, not Poland cold,  yet the 85°F they had here last week turned into a cold 47°F instead. Lucky for me, traveling from frozen Poland I’m dressed for this weather now, unlike more American comrades who didn’t expect it to be this cold at all.

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