We first saw this fox at the site near the end of our last trip, it was dark and it came from the forest of RayTrackers looking for food from all of us. This time around we see it daily as it lives somewhere in the vicinity of the 5th megawatt on site. We’ve seen it curled up under a RayTracker sleeping out the rain, running around the site not worrying about any of us, and yesterday it causally searched through our bags while we were working sniffing for food maybe it already knows that’s where humans keep their lunches, but no luck with us.

The Italian workers tried telling me something about it but all I picked up was ‘piccoli’ and ‘mangiare’, meaning small and food, and I can’t figure out if they were trying to tell me that they fed it here since it was small, or that it’s small because it doesn’t eat much. I know the security guards have thrown it an occasional sandwich, so it might be the first one.