Sicilian Winter

When I left Wrocław on my latest visit to Sicily my plane had to get de-iced, twice. I knew it wasn’t going to be very hot in Palermo even though only a week ago it was around 80°F up here, but it has gotten ridiculously cold, and yesterday we even had snow! Our B&B host at Cambuca said that this is only a second time in his 60 year life span that he has seen snow on the ground here. The first time was a year ago. It has also rained every day so far, except for today, with wind and thunders that have kept some of us up all night.

We were stopped by the police on the way to our RayTravker site and instructed to drive slowly, but the person that was stopped right before us couldn’t get their car to move again on a snow filled mountain road and we watched it slowly slipping off the icy asphalt. The genius cops that first stopped it even tried pushing on the hood of the front wheel drive car in order for it to get traction and move, but the whole thing just looked pretty comical and we decided to pass it and keep going. I’m no rally car driver, but over the past month or so I’ve gotten good enough at snow driving that a little bit of snow fall wasn’t gonna stop us from reaching our destination. Snow however was definitely the last thing I expected to see at our solar site.

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  1. Gus says:

    Picture 8681 belongs in a frame.

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