England Day 2 – Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle was originally built by William the Conqueror in year 1066 and has been steadily expended, rebuilt and remodeled pretty much in every century since. It is the largest inhabited castle in the world and longest-occupied castle in Europe. Security is tight as the queen and the royal family regularly visit the castle.

We walked around the huge estate and toured through the museum and state rooms inside. It is big and impressive as any castle should be. It looked like a great place to ‘kick it’ with the queen, but once again we must have missed her.

It was also very interesting to visit St. George’s Chapel which is on the grounds right next to the castle. There we saw the tomb of King George VI, the stuttering king from the Oscar winning movie The King’s Speech. Of course I had my facts a little twisted and didn’t believe that was actually him, so we asked the staff if this in fact is the king from the movie. To our surprise they had to ponder that as well before finally answering “Yes, I suppose he would have to be the one”.

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