England Day 2.5 – Brighton

After our tour of the Windsor Castle we drove to Brighton, a sea side town about 50 miles south of London. Although first settlements here date back before year 1086, Brighton emerged as a health resort featuring sea bathing in the 18th century and became a frequent day trip destination for Londoners after the arrival of railway in 1841.

There simply weren’t enough hours in the day and sun light was getting away from us as we toured the Brighton Pier. I would compare it to the Santa Monica Pier back in the States but it had many more attractions and I will have to go with a Coney Island comparison instead. Things were slowly shutting down and only a few arcades and ice cream vendors were still open as we sat on the rocky beach awaiting the sunset. You have to be careful though, these are shark infested waters, we even caught one right on the beach!

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