Another Starbucks in Wrocław

Another Starbucks is about to open shop in Wrocław, this time it’s going to be inside the Magnolia Park shopping mall. I’m not much of a mall rat myself but I wonder if there will be more locations to follow within other shopping malls around the city; there are at least 3 other malls just as big as Magnolia. This Starbucks will be their third coffee shop within Wrocław.

I know that America is home to the mall itself, but I have to admit shopping malls here are just as big and just as fancy as the ones in the States, if not better. One thing that gets to me every time is how people dress here when going shopping. To some, an outing to the mall is like going out to a club or somewhere nice. Mini skirts, high heals, suits, ties, and other ‘Sunday’ clothes make me feel like I shouldn’t be there just for the twelve-pack of toilet paper from a local Tesco (European version of Walmart). It’s just a mall people, get in, get out, get on with your life.

Just don’t forget to get your Starbucks while you’re at it.

2 thoughts on “Another Starbucks in Wrocław

  1. Passed through Wroclaw in February – sadly, didn’t have time to see much. On the list for a longer visit when I can manage it. Shopping malls would not be high on that list…

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